365nm Ultraviolet Flashlight

  • BRING COMFORT TO YOUR HOME BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE 365nm UV LIGHT. You can use it to find urine gone stains in carpets, reveal bed bugs or dirty spots in the house or hotels rooms and as a help to pest cures. Our nice, compact and durable led blacklight flashlight will do the job.

  • KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE by reducing the outdoor hazards with this scorpion light or checking unnoticed gas escapes at home. Simply and effortlessly this ultraviolet flashlight will reveal them to you.

  • MAKE SECURITY A PRIORITY BY EASILY IDENTIFYING COUNTERFEIT MONEY, A FAKE DRIVING LISENCE CASE OR ILLEGAL PRODUCT SEALS. If you want to know, our Certified 365 nm ultraviolet light will tell you the truth.

  • LIVE YOUR PASSIONS WITH NO WORRIES: IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, YOU RETURN IT! Either fishing, camping, stone finding, night golfing or doing home improvements, this uvb light will be an invaluable companion.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM A TOP RATED SELLER IN AMAZON. Americans’ Preferred has an outstanding Customer Service with zero negative Customer Seller feedbacks. This black black light comes with 6-month guarantee. No questions asked.


A good ultraviolet light proves to be a valuable companion at home, work or leisure time. But only with 365 nanometer UV light you can maximize the benefits of ultraviolet technology.

It Does What It's Supposed To Do.

Ultra Violet light wavelengths range 10nm - 400nm. A cheap UV flashlight emits at the wavelength upper limit (395nm), too close to the visible light to properly reveal the invisible to the human eye. You will see Things you never knew existed.

The 365nm black light:

Clearly locates stains of organic fluids, being the most effective pet urine detector or “portable carpet cleaners” to fight against urine smell
Protects you against fake currency, forged documents or if your Customers pay by check
Verifies oil and gas leaks; the best automotive repair light
Authenticates antiques and jewelry 
Performs as the best bed bug detector, scorpion light or dog finder; essential among night fishing and hunting supplies
Is perfect for curing ink, drying glue and glowing blacklight or fluorescent paint, and many more…

A product that really works

We are proud to offer the best technology and quality at an affordable price, all combined in this high power led flashlight. This is what you get:

- A 12x 365nm certified LED blacklight flashlight,
- A small, convenient, handheld aluminum body (only 70 gr / 2.8 oz),
- AAA Duracell batteries (included) sustaining 5 hours of continuous use,
- A product ROHS & CE compliant,
- A complimentary e-BOOK 'UV Light: How to Detect And Remove Pet Urine Stains FAST!' delivered same day to your email address upon request.

The Extremely Helpful Company

Customers’ feedback endorse the trust and confidence in our product Quality and Customer Service.

You get 6-month guarantee. No questions asked.

Grab Your 365nm. Ultraviolet Flashlight Now and Bring Comfort and Safety to Your Home, Work and Passions.