About Us

Welcome to AmericansPreferred.com, your reliable shop where Quality and Customer Service are never compromised!


An Amazon Seller

Americans' Preferred® is proud to be a Top Rated Seller at Amazon.com

with 100% Seller Rating since we started operating.



Our History

We are a Company established in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to make the difference in the Consumer marketplace by focusing on Quality and Customer Service.


Many Companies, especially those selling online on the low-cost consumer market segment are only focused on mass selling, providing products manufactured overseas with low Quality and dubious manufacturing and labor ethics. Globalization makes this possible and, unfortunately, is very common nowadays.


The Four Pillars of our operation are:


  • Quality Products At An Affordable Price,

  • Superb Customer Service,

  • Respect of Commercial Ethics and International Laws, and

  • Help Underprivileged Communities.

Our Mission

We believe that every person has the right to access the best Quality, environmentally sustainable products to live their passions with the confidence of complete satisfaction.

"We want to be the Company with the best price-quality ratio and environmentally sustainable products in the low-cost consumer market, providing the best Customer Service and offering our employees the most appropriate environment and conditions to inspire them to do their best.


We are committed with the communities where we operate, so we will lead social and environmental projects to share our success with the society".




You can email us at operations@americanspreferred.com for any questions, comments or suggestions about our company or products.