Compact Ultraviolet Flashlight

  • FORGET ABOUT PET URINE SMELL AT HOME AND PROVIDE YOUR FAMILY WITH THE MOST COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT. This powerful ultraviolet flashlight will reveal to you any invisible urine gone stain left by your cat or dog, so that cleaning and disinfection will be a very simple task. Our ultraviolet blacklight is the best carpet cleaner pet help.

  • MINIMIZE RISKS AND PREVENT ANY LOSS BY BEING ABLE TO IDENTIFY COUNTERFEIT MONEY, SECURITY IDs OR A FAKE DRIVING LICENSE CASE. All documents equipped with ultraviolet-sensitive chemicals or materials will be immediately authenticated with the help of this amazing ultraviolet light.

  • MAKE YOUR PASSIONS, HOBBIES OR WORK MORE PLEASANT BY MAKING THE DIFFICULT EASY: night fishing, stone or scorpion finding, DIY, home improvements or car repair activities are much easier using our black black light flashlight.

  • EXTEND YOUR COMFORT WHILE TRAVELLING: NOTHING FEELS BETTER THAN SLEEPING ON CLEAN HOTELS ROOMS. With our compact uv light, with more that 5 hours of lighting power, you will have a perfect companion.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM A TOP RATED SELLER IN AMAZON. Americans’ Preferred has an outstanding Customer Service with zero negative Customer Seller feedbacks. This ultra violets light comes with a 1-Year guarantee. No questions asked.

#1 Problem Pet Owners Face Is Pets Peeing Inside The House!

Find the Best Solution to Urine Smell by Using a UV Flashlight.

Blacklight has proved to be the most effective way to spot pet urine stains to easily remove them. With an Ultraviolet Pet Urine Detector 
your will find in seconds the smelly urine stains left by your dog or cat. It's also very effective for pest cures.

Our handheld yet powerful flashlight will do the work for you.

A perfect companion at home, work or leisure time.

There are many other uses for ultraviolet wavelengths you can profit from:

locates scorpions,
a recommended automotive repair light,
a bed bug detector, 
reveals blacklight or fluorescent paint,
identifies counterfeit money,
secures pay by check transactions, 
helps at home improvements and leak repairs,
basic among night fishing and hunting supplies,
authenticates jewelry,
practical portable carpet cleaners,
dry glue and nails paint, and
verifies identification cards,

among many others.

With our Ultraviolet Flashlight you get

- A 395 nanometer blacklight beam to reveal hidden pet urine stains in all surfaces, like carpets, upholstery or linoleum
- A sturdy, light, easy to handle aluminum casing torch (only 70 gr / 2.8 oz)
- A highly efficient device with 5 full hours of blacklight lighting power
- A convenient storage holster to protect your device while not in use.

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You get 1 year guarantee. No questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied you will get an immediate 
replacement with a new one or you will have your money back.

Grab Your Blacklight Flashlight Now and Bring Comfort and Safety to Your Home.