No Bark Advanced Control Collar


• REDUCE THE DOG STRESS: BARK CONTROL VOICE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY minimizes cheaper devices’ common false triggering as a close-by dog barking, strong wind, surrounding noises or head-scratching or shaking.

• ADAPTS TO EVERY DOG’S PERSONALITY with its 3 combined programs (sound, sound + vibration, sound + static impulse) and 7 very-easy-to-regulate levels of sensitivity. We recommend leaving the static impulse as the final option for heavy barkers or aggressive dogs.

• STRONG & DURABLE DOG TRAINING COLLAR SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR HEAVY USE: waterproof, high-quality anti-bite Nylon belt with reflective strips, easy to test before use, heavy-duty metal buckling, effective on dogs from 11 to 110 pounds.

• EASY MAINTENANCE: FORGET ABOUT REPLACING BATTERIES. Being a rechargeable dog collar with a USB cable, you will save a lot of hassle and money by not having to constantly change the batteries.


• BUY WITH CONFIDENCE FROM A TOP RATED SELLER IN AMAZON. Americans’ Preferred has an outstanding Customer Service with zero negative Customer Seller feedbacks. Since training a dog may take some time, this No Bark Collar comes with a 1-month guarantee. No questions asked.


Your Dog’s Excessive Barking Don’t Have to Continue Being a Problem.


Reduce The Stress by Progressively Minimising The Excessive Barking.


We care about your pet and your private environment. Excessive barking creates unnecessary stress that eventually reverts
on your dog. This no-bark collar creates a progressive, painless and natural trend for your dog to minimize
the excessive barking due to different factors, as separation anxiety, other cats or dogs, and loneliness.


The perfect combination of three programs (sound, vibration, and eventually shock for aggressive/hard barkers) 
with seven levels of intensity on each of them creates the smooth changes on your dog’s habits you are looking for.


Get The Latest Technology and Quality Materials


With our device, you will offer your pet the latest technology on voice recognition which will minimize false trigger signals 
caused by wind, other dog’s barking, your dog’s scratching or other noises from the environment.

With the Americans’ Preferred No Bark Collar you will get:

• LED display model function,
• 3 combined functions: warning sound, sound & vibration, sound and shock,
• 7 sensitivity levels for each function, adjustable for each dog and environment,
• Easy testing method to check the device works properly,
• Multi-color battery life indicator,
• High-quality nylon belt with two reflective strips adjusts from 8.5 to 23 inches,
• Rechargeable Battery Lithium Polymer 3.7 volts, and waterproof case.

The Extremely Helpful Company

Customers’ feedback endorses the trust and confidence in the quality of our products and the premium Customer Service.

You get a 1-month guarantee. No questions asked.

Grab Your No-Bark collar at today’s special promotional price and improve the quality of the environment you share with your dog.