What To Do With My Old Electrical Devices?

Throwing away what we do not longer need is not the best option we can choose if we want to keep a sustainable growth. There are many alternatives we can choose before dropping in the waste bin our electric or electronic product that we are not longer using. Here we provide some of them:

1.- Reuse old devices or their parts.

Whatever we can think of, from an old computer to a smartphone or tablet can be used in many different ways. For example, an old computer can make a good job as a server, or an old table can be used as a digital photo-frame. We just need a little bit of creativity.

2.- Upcycle your devices.

Upcycling means giving the device a totally different use to the original one. There are many ideas you can find online.

3.- Gift your devices to a friend, neighbor or stranger.

Before throwing it away, think that there may be many people that would gladly continue using your device for its or a totally different purpose. There are sites online like Craiglist or freecycle where you cannot only get rid of your old stuff but also get something else exchanged in return.

4.- Donate your old device.

You can find charity organizations that will be happy to collect your device and help other people. A quick online search will reveal to you how many options you may find in your area.

5.- Trade your old products.

You can use the Trade-in store at Amazon.com to sell your old stuff and get paid with Amazon Gift Cards. There are many product categories available to be traded.

6.- Sell your old stuff.

Either online, in Sites like eBay, or at your local stores, you can find a good opportunity to get some money for the products you are no longer using. And, what is more important, you are allowing these products to continue providing service before they are eventually disposed of.

Therefore, if you have an old flashlight and are thinking of buying the new 365nm ultraviolet pet urine detector by Americans’ Preferred, do a favor to the environment and make a wise choice by finding a good use for your old device before throwing it away.

LED blacklight flashlights may have many different uses. Find them out and look for somebody that may need one.

Any other idea or comment that you will consider useful to other consumers, please feel free and share with all of us.

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