Helping To Equip A School In Africa?

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Not doing that would condemn those communities to poverty and illiteracy forever.

There are hundreds of noble causes we can cooperate with, in our country and all over the world. Americans' Preferred has been supporting Unstoppable Foundation for three years.We found in this Non-Governmental Organization a committed and trustful group of people who are working to facilitate the access to education to several communities in Africa.

In this way, we have engaged in a fund-raising campaign together with them to equip a school in Africa for a whole year, and we want to share this campaign with Customers, Suppliers, and all our associates so we can reach our objective to raise $2,500.

We encourage you to go to,

get the details and make your contribution.

Thanks in advance for your contribution. Every dollar will help to achieve our objective to provide a school with everything they need to be running for a whole year.

Give your contribution today!

Thanks in advance!

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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