7 Housebreaking Tips For Dogs

One of the most disgusting action our dogs can do is peeing inside the house. This is most frequently happening when they are puppies but it can also happen with adult dogs due to several different reasons. In any case, this is disturbing our environment and our relationship with the dog.

When they are born and they grow with their mother, they learn by imitating her. Initially they relief themselves in the den and it’s the mother who cleans them and their depositions and we rarely notice a urine or defecation smell in the den. And when they start growing up, they learn to go to eliminate outside as their mother does.

Our problem is that most of the times we bring a puppy home who has been taken from her mother at an early age.

Prevention before accidents occur!

In this situation, we have to train our puppy to do the correct thing. While patience is the key strength we will need to show to correct the wrong behavior and avoid (almost always) your dog peeing inside the house. Here we have some helpful tips to assist us in the process:

  1. At the beginning limit the puppy’s movement. You can get the puppy in a Crate or limit its movements with a short leash. This will force him not to look for some spot to relief himself.

  2. Watch them specially at 15-30 minutes after they eat or drink. This is the time for a puppy to process what they ingest. As a rule of thumb, a dog can hold their bladders for one hour every month of age plus one. So, a 2-month puppy can hold the bladder for 3 hours. Lets keep this in mind and be alert.

  3. Provide a reward for the good job done. After you take the puppy out from his confinement area and you go outside, do not return immediately after they pee. They would take it as a punishment. keep them outside for a little while and offer them a treat, so they are rewarded for doing it outside.

  4. Do not punish or yell to your dog when an accident happens in the house. Use a pet urine detector and an enzymatic cleaner to remove any smell as soon as possible, so the dog does not recognize the place any more, and keep repeating the process.

  5. Enlarge the confinement area as the frequency of accidents decrease. This will be taken as a reward for doing the things correctly.

  6. Following the tip#2 above, take the puppy to pee couple of times during the night, since he will not be able to hold its bladder during the whole night until he is 7 or 8 months old.

  7. Don’t use puppy pads or newspapers. They will not be using them when they will grow, so using them when puppies will only create confusion to them.

Following these easy suggestions and, most importantly, showing your patience, will ensure you grow a properly housebroken dog.

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