Very Many Uses Of Ultraviolet Light.

In an attempt to help our Customers and, in general, to all the people who would like to take advantage of the ultraviolet light technology at home and with professional activities, Americans’ Preferred wants to release a list of some helpful uses consumers can take advantage of.

Once expensive and only available for very specific uses, today’s ultraviolet light has become a very affordable solution to solve many problems people encounter in their daily lives.

Herewith, there is an extensive list of possible uses and benefits consumers can take from that new technology.

1. Locate Pet Urine spots.

The pet urine is composed of protein metabolism waste products. The urine will glow in the dark using a UV light. Since the UV light is relatively weak, it works best to darken the room as much as possible.

2. Rodent control.

Detect rodent presence and contamination in houses, warehouses, storerooms, etc. by exposing rodent urine to an ultraviolet light. Dry rodent urine and rodent hair glow when exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light.

3. Protect against forgery.

  • Bank notes; Forgeries will glow under black light and bona fides will be completely dull, since forgeries of bank notes and checks are mainly printed on inferior bleached paper.

  • Standard checks and Traveller’s checks; similar to bank notes.

  • Credit cards; they have an invisible imprint on the front. If no imprint, the card is a forgery.

  • Legal documents; If altered, changes are detectable with ultraviolet light.

4. Currency verification.

Legal paper currency has embedded stripes, which will glow with different colors under ultraviolet light.

5. Leak detection.

Different liquid leaks can be easily identified using long wave UV light. Different liquids fluoresce with different colors. This can be especially useful with car repairs where different fluids can be identified as the source of the problem (engine oil, wheel bearing, air conditioning system or brake fluid).

6. Gemstone and mineral inspection.

Ultraviolet Light can react with the chemicals of a mineral and cause it to glow. Color and intensity shown can identify many materials.

7. Arson detection.

UV light can expose accelerants since they fluoresce when exposed longer to heat.

8. Crime scene inspection.

Illegal dumping, detection of the presence of trace evidence in forensic investigations, like blood, urine, semen and saliva can be easily exposed because of their visible fluorescence under UV light.

9. Artwork inspection.

Changes on the surface of objects are easily exposed under UV light, since different materials fluoresce depending on composition and age, like material flaws, over-paints, stains of ink, paint and dyes on rugs and carpets, etc.

10. Crowd control.

By applying small marks of quick drying inks, people access to event can be easily controlled.

Americans' Preferred offers high-quality blacklight flashlights depending on the usage Customers will give to them. For any question or doubt, our Customer Service can be of help.

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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