Protect Your Kids From Scorpions

Americans’ Preferred has launched a campaign with the objective of informing parents about the risks of scorpion stung and precautions to keep our kids safe.

As per a recent article by Brendan Koerner “…scorpions can deliver stings that are fatal to humans. And most of these potentially lethal scorpions can't kill healthy adults, although their neurotoxins can cause such troubling symptoms as convulsions and shortness of breath. Infants and the elderly are most at risk of dying once stung by the deadliest species”.

In the same article we learn that “of the 80 species in the United States, only one, the Arizona bark scorpion is considered lethal. The rule of thumb for scorpions is that the larger the pincers, the weaker the venom; species with big claws, after all, can snatch their food without completely paralyzing it first”.

Although only 25 out of 1,500 species of scorpions can be potentially fatal, only a small fraction of those can kill a healthy adult. But, as per John Mallonee, Operations Director at Americans’ Preferred, the question is: “Are we willing to risk with our kids when they go out in the wild or in a camp?”

The most common answer provided by parents is “Obviously not!” but keeping our kids 100% safe is a daunting task.

One of the solutions most parents are adopting is providing the kids with an Ultraviolet flashlight. Kids can scan the surroundings at night and make sure there is not any scorpion around their sleeping bag or tent.

On top of it, they can have a lot of fun by discovering other multiple choices of the UV light. Why not trying out one of the best ultraviolet flashlights options by Americans' Preferred®?

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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