Making A Difference In Your Community

This is an inspiring story of one of Americans’ Preferred® employees in relation to his giving to the community where he lives.

The employee helped to make a 4-year old beggar's kid the happiest person in the world on her birthday by buying her a bicycle.

The employee (whose name was not disclosed by the Company based on his request) used to see a young mother with her little daughter standing by the door of a supermarket. She never requested for money or food, just accepted what people would hand to her. He struck her humble and polite attitude, and the beautiful way in which she always kept her daughter: clean, nicely brushed hair, well dressed.

The Americans' Preferred®’s employee soon started to buy some extra bottles of milk, bread or meat and would hand over to the young mother upon leaving the supermarket. One cold evening, he stopped to have a chat with the lady to understand her situation and he learned that the blond, blue-eyed girl would have her birthday in two-weeks time and that her desire was to have a bike that her mother could not afford.

The exemplary man bought a bicycle and brought it to the girl on her birthday. It was difficult for him to tell the story to his colleagues without having tears in his eyes. Acts of kindness like this one reflect Americans' Preferred® culture towards the community where it operates and are truly inspiring for other people to follow.

You can also cooperate with AP's Giving!, our Social Responsibility program to help to those in need. Our intention is to share part of our time and benefits from the products we make to make this world a better place.

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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