Inspiring Story: Giving Lord a Home.

Aligned with our Corporate values, we are proud to present an inspiring story of one of our employees who went the Extra Mile to provide an abandoned dog a new home.

Being a dog lover and owning herself two german shepherds, C. observed an apparently abandoned german shepherd close to her factory rummaging food and looking for attention.

The dog, Lord, despite being extremely slim and with parasites, showed a very nice breed bearing and looked well trained. Where did he come from? Who was his previous owner? C.'s heart broke every time she saw the nice dog in such poor conditions, so she started bringing some food for him.

Lord had no identification at all and nobody claimed him after repeated advertisements. He showed a limp on his left-hind leg, possibly from being hit by a car.

After a while he got closer and C. started thinking what she could do to help him. One day, she took the decision of bringing him to the Vet to give him vitamins and make the legal documentation, and afterwards brought him to her house.

She could not keep him on top of her own two big dogs, so she posted the case in Facebook.

Immediately after she got an answer. An old lady, who had recently lost her dog, was very interested in having an old and well trained german shepherd. C. gave Lord to the lady who was really happy for adopting such a nice dog. C. paid for everything and claimed nothing in compensation, only requesting the commitment from the new owner that Lord was going to be well taken care of and having the right to visit him from time to time.

Without C.’s action, Lord’s future would have been doomed as a vagabond dog forever. Getting out of our way and doing an act of kindness makes a huge difference in our world.

Thanks, C. for being an inspiring example for the Americans’ Preferred community.

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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