Want to Participate in Our Product Giveaway?

365nm Ultraviolet Flashlight by Americans Preferred

Americans’ Preferred has announced today a product giveaway to potential users who would be willing to provide feedback about two ultraviolet flashlights the Company is going to redesign. The purpose of the giveaway is to get as much Customer feedback as possible to be able to be used on the redesign process. The giveaway will be open during the whole month of March on first-come-first-served basis until stock lasts.

The two products offered are the 365nm ultraviolet flashlight and the 395nm ultraviolet flashlight, both of them available on Amazon.com store. The users who might be interested in testing any of the two ultraviolet flashlights and providing feedback about their experience can go to the Americans’ Preferred website and send a request under the Contact Us section.

Todd Lyon, Americans’ Preferred Communications Director, commented: “We want to develop products that are both affordable with a high quality/price ratio and are solving specific Customer problems. After almost two years in the ultraviolet flashlight market, we want to redesign our products to better fit our Customer expectations, so we want to listen to our Customers”

Ultraviolet light technology provides a great help to solve every day’s problems at home, work or leisure time, specially in combination with LED bulbs, providing an efficient solution for flashlights.

And Mr. Lyon added: “We develop products for our Customers so our current and potential Customers have a lot to say on what our next product version will be.”

The Americans' Preferred Team.

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